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Slow Cooked Chicken Recipe

  Swallow Hill Farm

This a very basic recipe for pasture raised broiler chicken that turned out to be very juicy, flavorful and tender . . .

  Jun 01, 2015     0 Comments

Pastured Poultry for Sale

  Swallow Hill Farm

Fresh and frozen pasture raised broiler chickens are currently available at a great price! These chickens have been finished on pasture and non-GMO feed . . .

  May 17, 2015     4 Comments

Farm Website

  Swallow Hill Farm

Thank you for visiting our new Swallow Hill Farm website. We are in the process of adding more content and functionality. We will be adding new information, photos of farm life (including cattle, chickens, ducks and other animals). The site will also include information about Intensive Rotational Grazing, Pastured Poultry, and free-range chickens . . .

  May 17, 2015     0 Comments

 Multi-Species Cover Crops

 Our clients say...

Shannon B. - Swallow Hill has been a God send for me! Health issues necessitate that I have grass-fed and finished beef and pasture raised eggs and chickens.  more

Maggie W. - It is honestly the BEST tasting beef on the planet!  more

Scot M. - What a great place and so close. Can't wait to go back. Eggs were amazing!!  more