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Forage and Grazing Field Day

  Swallow Hill Farm

Join us for a Spring Forage and Grazing Field Day on April 14, 2016, and learn more about grazing and how healthy forage is grown for naturally raised animals . . .

  Mar 31, 2016     0 Comments

Easy Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs

  Swallow Hill Farm

Farm-fresh eggs are typically hard to peel when hard-boiled. We found a great method for making flawless easy-to-peel hard-boiled eggs using fresh free range eggs. Read more for instructions and a video showing how it's done . . .

  Jan 17, 2016     0 Comments

Grass-Finishing Beef

  Swallow Hill Farm

We recently finished no-till planting 40 acres of our farm to enable expansion of our grassfinished beef operation. We planted 14 acres of Foxtail Millet for hay, 6 acres of a "High Diversity Summer Mix" and 20 acres of a "Basic Summer Mix". We are working with the Hanover-Caroline Soil and Water Conservation to improve our soil, improve our livestock production practices and to protect Virginia's waterways. If we receive adequate rain, we will have many tons of fresh forages to help put weight on our grassfinishing cattle. The fields will be rotationally grazed by our entire herd but beef finishing this October and next spring getting preferred access . . .

  Jul 21, 2015     0 Comments

Free Range Egg Expansion

  Swallow Hill Farm

Local farm uses new mobile chicken coop to enable the expansion of free range chicken egg business . . .

  Jul 12, 2015     0 Comments

2018 Grass-Fed Beef Pre-Order

  Swallow Hill Farm

Pre-order your grass-fed, grass-finished beef for Spring 2016. (Sorry, Sold Out). We will also have beef available as individual cuts in our farm store by June 15th . . .

  Jul 12, 2015     0 Comments

 Multi-Species Cover Crops

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