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Miniature Cattle Sold

  Swallow Hill Farm

We sold our miniature cattle. The first is a 6-year-old registered miniature Hereford bull, we also have two cow/calf pairs. Both calves are sired by the Registered Miniature Hereford Bull. They were all sold together.  . . .

  Apr 25, 2017     0 Comments

Goats, Sheep, Tallow Candles

  Swallow Hill Farm

A photo thank you note and product update from Swallow Hill Farm to our much appreciated family, friends and customers. . . .

  Jan 06, 2017     0 Comments

Delicious Free Range Chickens

  Swallow Hill Farm

Predators love to eat free range chickens and can significantly impact egg availability and farm revenue . . .

  May 31, 2016     0 Comments

Raising Grass Finished Beef

  Swallow Hill Farm

This momma cow has been rejecting her baby calf. Read more about this challenging situation. . . .

  Apr 07, 2016     0 Comments

New Pastured Poultry Brooder

  Swallow Hill Farm

Take a look at Swallow Hill Farm's new chicken brooder design! This new brooder will give our chicks a healthy start . . .

  Mar 31, 2016     0 Comments

 Multi-Species Cover Crops

 Our clients say...

Maggie W. - It is honestly the BEST tasting beef on the planet!  more

Scot M. - What a great place and so close. Can't wait to go back. Eggs were amazing!!  more

Richard C. - It doesn't get any better than this!!