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Easy Egg Custard Flan Recipe

  Swallow Hill Farm

I have been searching for a great egg custard flan recipe for quite a while but could never find one that was easy and delicious. If you are looking for an excellent egg custard flan custard recipe, here it is! A perfect use of free range chicken eggs.

  . . .

  Sep 11, 2018     0 Comments

Guardian Llamas, Sheep, Goats

  Swallow Hill Farm

Swallow Hill Farm is adding sheep, goat and pork to the list of naturally raised meats available to its health conscious customers in Virginia. Guardian llamas will help to ensure the new animals are well protected from predators. . . .

  Mar 13, 2018     1 Comment

Healthy Naturally Raised Pork

  Swallow Hill Farm

We have joined forces with a local producer and professional chef to offer healthy, naturally raised pork to our customers. As with our other naturally raised products, our production model is cage free, antibiotic free, hormone free, humanely raised animals. . . .

  Jan 23, 2018     0 Comments

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Spring 2017 Product Update

  Swallow Hill Farm

Buy natural farm products at the Swallow Hill Farm Store. We sell grass fed & grass finished beef, free range chicken eggs, two varieties of pasture raised non-GMO meat chickens, raw honey and natural beef tallow soap. Also for a limited time, we have Scottish Highland beef available.  . . .

  May 04, 2017     0 Comments

Scottish Highland Beef

  Swallow Hill Farm

We have a rare treat for those who may be interested in experiencing the unique flavor of Scottish Highland Beef. How often do you get to experience the flavor of something entirely unique.  Come by Swallow Hill Farm's store and pick some up for yourself or for an adventurous friend.   . . .

  May 04, 2017     0 Comments

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