Spring 2017 Product Update: Beef, Chickens, Honey & Soap

  Swallow Hill Farm     May 04, 2017

Awesome 2016 Summer Forages

Jennifer provides some scale alongside a banquet nutritious green forage.

Grass Fed Beef

The weather during 2016 was perfect for growing tons and tons of nutritious grass and green forages for our herd of grass finished Angus beef. Although this spring has been a bit dry, we are currently getting a nice rain that should help get our pastures off to a good start.

Beef by the 1/4, 1/2 and Whole

We have pre-sold most of our summer beef shares; however, due to an unexpected cancellation, we have one half of a grass finished beef still available to be picked up in mid-June. We also have several beef shares available for reservation this fall. Reserve yours with a deposit of $50 per quarter.

Beef by the Individual Cut

We just received a fresh supply of Scottish Highland beef available by the individual cut in our farm store (see our recent post regarding our High
land beef). We have a good supply of beef bones, tallow and stew meat as well as an assortment of small steaks. We will also have another full beef processed for the farm store by mid-June.

See grass fed beef prices here.

Pasture Raised Poultry

Pasture Raised Meat Chickens

Effective 2020 we no longer raise meat chickens.

New Products for 2017


We have four new honey bee hives and expect to be bottling our own wildflower honey as soon as our bees are strong enough to produce extra honey. In the meantime, we have wildflower honey from a local apiary. The honey is raw and lightly filtered/strained, so it is ideal for individuals wanting local honey for reducing symptoms associated with seasonal allergies.

See honey prices here.

Honey Bees on Frame 2017

Honey bees on frame.

Local Raw Honey for Sale
Installing New Honey Bee Packages

Installing new honey bee packages.

Installing Package Bees

Installing new honey bee packages.

Pure Grassfed Beef Tallow Soap

Natural Unscented Beef Tallow Soap

We make our soap with natural ingredients (grass finished beef tallow, lye and water).

See tallow soap prices here.


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