Swallow Hill Farm, LLC

What customers say about our farm & products . . .

Elle B.

Absolutely beautiful farm. Super nice folks! GREAT prices for farm raised products. Can't wait to visit again!

Leslie B.

Holy cow! (haha) Great place! This farm is beautiful and I cant wait to try what I bought from your store. You have great prices! I'm looking forward to the next visit!

Bob F.  (Honey & Grass Fed Beef)

Their honey is soooo good! Their beef is amazing!!!!!

Tim V.  (Grass Fed Beef & Woodland Pork)

Tim V. Grass Fed Beef & Woodland Pork

We have made numerous purchases from Tim, including a half cow. Whether pork or beef, the flavor and quality are exceptional! Coupled with Tim being incredibly helpful, personable, and willing to give his time, you can't ask for a better experience!


Beautiful, serene landscapes with animals healthy, vibrant and delicious! I love Swallow Hill and would highly recommend a visit!

Pam B.  (Honey & Free Range Chicken Eggs)

Knowing where your food comes from is so important! When you top it off with amazing people ...absolutely amazing! Our eggs & honey this week were so good ...thank you Tim & Sue for taking great care of us!

Lee R.

Fresh raised products with great customer service.

Shannon B.  (Beef, Chickens & Eggs)

Shannon B. Beef, Chickens & Eggs

Swallow Hill has been a God send for me! Health issues necessitate that I have grass-fed and finished beef and pasture raised eggs and chickens. Thus, having a place that I can count on in terms of quality, customer service, and care for their animals is an immense relief and comfort. Additionally, Swallow Hill has the best prices I have been able to find on grass fed beef and pasture raised eggs, which is paramount when they are such staples in my diet. I love that I am able to support my local farmer and even contribute to environmental sustainability by being a patron of Swallow Hill and the wonderful Tobin family!

Maggie W.  (Grass Fed Beef)

Maggie W. Grass Fed Beef

We recently stocked up on meat from Swallow Hill Farm. It is honestly the BEST tasting beef on the planet! It was so much fun meeting Tim & Chester and getting to see where our food lived, what it ate, and the process behind it. We will be coming back often.

Scot M.  (Free Range Chicken Eggs)

Scot M. Free Range Chicken Eggs

What a great place and so close. Can't wait to go back. Eggs were amazing!!

Megan S.  (Broiler Chickens & Eggs)

Megan S. Broiler Chickens & Eggs

We got eggs and some chickens from you guys this weekend and they are SOOOOOOO Good!!!!!!! I don't think we will ever eat from a store again. So glad we found yall!!!!

Mary H.  (Broiler Chickens)

Mary H. Broiler Chickens

Your chicken is the best I have ever had in my life! I baked it in a clay cooker at 350 for about two hours and it was great! I know what I will be eating a lot of it. I will be coming back to stock up on more chicken!!

Andi L.  (Broiler Chickens)

Andi L. Broiler Chickens

Extremely happy with the chickens!!! We roasted two for lunch today. You definitely have a committed and satisfied customer!

Henry W.  (Free Range Chicken Eggs)

Henry W. Free Range Chicken Eggs

The best eggs I've had in many years! This is a real treat so close to home.