Bee Hive with View Window
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I have been building several new honeybee hives over the winter. These 10-frame Langstroth style bee hives will enable us to start at least two honeybee colonies on Swallow Hill Farm.

Honeybees are having such problems all over the world due to bee diseases, new bee parasites and the widespread use of pesticides and fungicides.

This photo is an example of two of our new hives which includes the custom Plexiglas view windows. One view window is on the side to enable easy and safe viewing of bees on the honeycomb. The other window will enable viewing from the ends of the honey frames.

Nearly one-third of our food is the direct result of pollination by insects, honey bees are very important. In fact, more than 100 agricultural crops in the U.S. are pollinated by bees.

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