Expansion of Free Range Egg Production

  Swallow Hill Farm     Jul 12, 2015

Pastured laying hens with eggmobile

Our newly constructed "egg mobile" is now complete. This portable chicken coop, built on a trailer frame with an expanded metal floor will be used to house 50 new laying hens. The hens begin laying in July 2015. This expansion has been a welcome addition since it has been hard to satisfy the growing customer demand for free range eggs.

The new eggmobile will be moved around the farm regularly to provide fresh pasture for the hens and to enable them to eat as many grasshoppers and other insects as possible. Having hens on pasture will benefit the hens by providing fresh nutritious grass, clover and bugs; they eat insects that damage the grass and aggravate our cattle; it will also benefit our customers by providing great tasting, fresh and nutritious free range eggs. We constructed the floor of the mobile coop from expanded metal sheet so the chickens' poo will fall to the ground and serve as fertilizer for our pastures.


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