Beef is Back - Scottish Highland Beef!

  Swallow Hill Farm      May 04, 2017

We have a rare treat for those who may be interested in experiencing the unique flavor of Scottish Highland Beef. Thanks to a friend processing a Scottish Highland Steer and sharing it with us, we have one-half of a Highland Beef in stock.

Cuts available as of 5/4/17 include: Ground beef, ground chuck, round roasts, and Osso Bucco. This steer was 40 months old so fully mature; this results in a very rich beefy flavor but the steaks are a bit more firm in texture than that produced by younger beef.

The Highland breed has lived for centuries in the rugged remote Scottish Highlands. The extremely harsh conditions created a process of natural selection, where only the fittest and most adaptable animals survived to carry on the breed. Originally there were two distinct classes; the slightly smaller and usually black Kyloe, whose primary domain was the islands off the west coast of northern Scotland. The other was a larger animal, generally reddish in color, whose territory was the remote Highlands of Scotland. Today both of these strains are regarded as one breed – Highland. In addition to red and black, yellow, dun, white, brindle and silver are also considered traditional colors.

Outstanding Beef Quality: Unlike other breeds, Highlands are slow maturing making the meat tender, flavorful and succulent.

For more information on Scottish Highland Cattle, visit the American Highland Cattle Association web page at:


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