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Added Feb 09, 2017

 Grass Fed Beef Virginia New Calf Birth - Video #2

This is the second video in this series showing the birth process as well as the actions the momma cow takes to ensure her newborn calf is safe and healthy. She quickly cleans the calf #50 and makes sure he is moving as quickly as possible.  Although this video does not show the calf getting up (too late in the evening and I lost filming light), calves usually start walking within 10 minutes.  


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Added Feb 07, 2017

 Grass Fed Beef Virginia New calf born at Swallow Hill Farm Video #1

This is a video of one of our experienced cows delivering a new baby.  It is amazing to see how mother nature has prepared animals to care for their newborns.  This calf is a miniature hereford/angus mix.  He is the 50th calf born at Swallow Hill Farm since 2014.  I was concerned because he wasn't moving at first. His mom nudged him and called to him until he was able to break out of the amniotic sack.  


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Added Jan 17, 2016

 How to Make Easy-Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs

We've tried almost a dozen techniques for making easy peel hard-boiling eggs from fresh, free-range eggs. Most techniques produce limited results, but thanks to this video, we can now produce flawless, easy peeling hard-boiled eggs from our farm-fresh eggs.


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Added Jan 11, 2016

 Using Multi-Species Cover Crops to Improve Soil Health

Tim Tobin and Jim Tate discuss Swallow Hill Farm's use of multi-species cover crops to improve soil health in pastures and benefits to the farm's grass fed beef forage program. This video was produced by the Hanover-Caroline SWCD (Soil & Water Conservation District).


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1-4 of 4 videos