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About Swallow Hill - About Swallow Hill Farm and the local, natural, healthy products including grass-fed, grass-finished beef; pastured free-range chicken eggs and raw honey,

Contact - Contact Swallow Hill Farm: We are local to the Fredericksburg Virginia area, and offer healthy, all natural foods including beef, chicken and eggs.

About Free Range Chicken Eggs - Our Fredericksburg, Virginia area farm offers healthy free range chicken eggs for sale, which are competitively priced. We have the best tasting eggs with less cholesterol, more vitamin A, more vitamin E and high in beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids

Spring 2017 Product Update - Natural farm products available at the Swallow Hill Farm Store. Convenient to Northern Virginia, Fredericksburg, Central Virginia and Richmond. Grass finished Beef, Chicken, Eggs, Honey, Soap.

Testimonials - Testimonials and Reviews: What customers from across Central and Northern Virginia are saying about our grass-fed beef, free-range chicken eggs and other farm products.

Scottish Highland Beef - Experience the rare and unusual flavor of Scottish Highland Beef. Swallow Hill Farm has grass fed and finished Highland Beef in stock now.

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 Our customers say...

Elle B. - Absolutely beautiful farm. Super nice folks!  more

Leslie B. - Holy cow! (haha) Great place! This farm is beautiful...  more

Maggie W. - It is honestly the BEST tasting beef on the planet!  more