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Free Range Chicken Eggs

We work hard to maintain a good and steady supply of the best tasting free range chicken eggs available anywhere. Our chickens are able to free range on our entire farm and are provided a free choice non-GMO "no corn, no soy" feed supplement.

In addition to freshness and great taste, free range eggs contain less cholesterol, are higher in vitamins A and E, and contain higher amounts of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids than commercially produced eggs. Check out our egg prices.

Free Range Chicken Eggs

More Healthy & Better Tasting

The old saying "you are what you eat" undoubtedly holds true when considering the nutritional value of eggs. Since the 1970s, studies have indicated that eggs from hens with access to pasture are better for you than eggs from poultry kept in cages. Free-range hens that eat a healthy, natural diet impart that benefit to you in the form of more nutritious eggs. Our chickens are never fed hormones, antibiotics or steroids. Following are some of the health benefits of eggs from free range hens:

Less Cholesterol

Testing by Mother Earth News found that eggs from pasture-fed free-range hens, on average, contained 1/3 of the cholesterol and 1/4 of the saturated fat as conventional eggs. A Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education ( SARE) study yielded similar results, with pastured hens producing eggs with 10 percent less fat and 34 percent less cholesterol.

More Vitamin A

The Mother Earth News and SARE studies found that free-range eggs contained 67 percent and 40 percent more vitamin A, respectively, than conventional eggs.

More Vitamin D

Another Mother Earth News nutrient test shows that free-range chicken eggs have 4 to 6 times as much vitamin D as typical supermarket eggs.

More Vitamin E

Free-range eggs contain more vitamin E than their conventional counterparts. The "Mother Earth News" survey showed three times more vitamin E in the eggs they tested, and Pennsylvania State University research found twice the vitamin E in the eggs of grass-fed hens.

High in Beneficial Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3's are connected to heart health, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and other potential health benefits such as decreased risk of diabetes, stroke, digestive disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, some cancers and dementia. All three studies found higher amounts of Omega-3's in free-range eggs versus conventional eggs. "Mother Earth News" reported the most modest differences, with the free-range eggs they tested containing only twice the Omega-3's as conventional eggs, while the Penn State study found 2 1/2 times more. Free-range hens in the SARE study, however, produced eggs with four times the Omega-3's as their caged counterparts.

Free Range Chickens & Rooster

Our free-range chickens enjoy open spaces and plenty of sunshine.