Swallow Hill Farm, LLC

About Swallow Hill Farm

Swallow Hill Farm is family owned and operated. Tim and Sue Tobin with the support of their two adult children, Sean and Jennifer, manage the land and animals in a natural and sustainable manner.

Our goal is to provide health conscious members of our local community with safe, delicious, high quality meats and eggs. Our animals are treated with respect and compassion to ensure they have the best possible lives while on the farm.

Community and Environment

We want to make Swallow Hill Farm a part of the community and to have the community be part of the farm. Being a part of that community, we want to ensure that we are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and an asset to our neighbors. We take pride in the land and want to ensure that it will be here to provide for the next generation and beyond.

Fresh, Healthy Meats and Eggs

We specialize in grass fed and grass finished beef. We believe our products are very healthy alternatives to the meats available in grocery stores. By supporting our farm, you can help us maintain a beautiful pastoral setting that benefits our farm animals, wildlife and our community.

About the Farmers

Tim grew up on a farm and has always loved working with animals and the land. He has a B.S. in Zoology from NC State and a masters in Healthcare Administration from VCU/MCV. Sue is a registered nurse who now uses her care taking skills to nurture animals that may require special support at Swallow Hill Farm. Both Tim and Sue enjoy working on the farm with each other, their children and other members of their family.

Protecting Virginia's Water Quality

Thanks to the Henrico-Caroline Soil and Water Conservation District, Swallow Hill Farm received a grant to install stream exclusion fencing and a water distribution system for our livestock. This system established 35 foot wide buffer zones around all streams and ponds to prevent livestock from accessing them and to prevent silt and other nutrients from entering creeks, the Rappahannock River and the Chesapeake Bay. Swallow Hill Farm has also worked in cooperation with the NRCS to establish large sections of native warm season grasses (Eastern Gamagrass, Big & Little Bluestem, and Indian Grass) to provide for high quality animal nutrition and to better support local wildlife.

Protecting Water Quality by Preventing Agricultural Pollution

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The video above features Swallow Hill Farm's our efforts to protect Virginia's waterways: produced by the Hanover-Caroline SWCD.